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We are proud to announce that Drone-Tutorials is now an official partner of Drone-Hacks. Drone-Hacks offers the possibility of modifying the original firmware for numerous drones on their website For example, no-fly zones or height restrictions can be deactivated. Drone-Hacks offers the software for many drones from Autel Robotics and DJI. A hack for … Read moreOfficial partner of

DJI Care Refresh – Video verification after 48 hours

DJI offers comprehensive warranty insurance with Care Refresh. DJI Care Refresh even covers accidental damage from crashes, water damage, operating errors or damage in transit. DJI Care Refresh is always linked to the serial number of the respective DJI product and cannot be extended after a term of 12 months. The direct application of DJI … Read moreDJI Care Refresh – Video verification after 48 hours

EU Drone Regulation 2021

The EU drone regulation (2019/947 / 2020/746) has defined uniform basic rules for all EU countries since 2021 and probably later for Switzerland, Norway and Iceland as well. In addition, there are country-specific requirements of the individual European member states, which must also be met. In the future, new drones will be divided into 5 … Read moreEU Drone Regulation 2021